Health Insurance Glossary D


Cost-sharing arrangement between an insured person and health insurance company in which the insured person will be required to pay a fixed amount of covered expenses each year before the health insurance company will reimburse for covered health care expenses. Generally, an insured person is responsible for a deductible each calendar year.

Denial Of Claim

Refusal by a health insurance company to honor a request by an individual (or his or her provider) to pay for health care services obtained from a health care professional.


A covered person who relies on another person for support or obtains health coverage through a spouse or parent who is the covered person under a health plan.


The decrease in the value of an item due to age, use or wear and tear. Such devaluation is not covered under a contract of indemnity. However an insurer may agree to provide cover on “a new for old” basis which represents a modification of the principle of indemnity and avoids the need to determine rates and amounts of deprecation when settling claims.

Designated Facility

A facility which has an agreement with a health insurance plan to render approved services (Organ transplants are the most common example.). The facility may be outside a covered person’s geographic area.

Discharge Planning

Medical personnel of a health plan working with the attending physician and hospital staff to assess alternatives to hospitalization, evaluate appropriate settings for care, and arrange for the discharge of a patient, including planning for subsequent care at home or in a skilled nursing facility. The goal is to determine when patients are ready to go home, and to provide a more comfortable, cost-efficient setting for continued treatment.

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